Our Services

AIR Alternatives takes an innovative, accountability-based approach to alcohol & drug abuse case management and misdemeanor sentencing.  Our High Standard of Care Protocol is so effective that for over 20 years, organizations including the National Hockey League, Major League Soccer and numerous public corporations in the United States and Canada choose AIR as their exclusive substance abuse and behavioral health providers.

AIR partners with its clients and guides them through the complex court process with  four clearly defined steps:  Assessment, Placement, Transport & Case Management.

High Standard of Care Protocol


The first step in our comprehensive treatment plan is a Confidential  Standardized Clinical Assessment Tool to determine the client’s alcohol and drug abuse history and an evaluation of mental health issues. Many factors, including medication, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation and physical disabilities, must be considered to place an individual in the most appropriate care — Outpatient, Sober Living or Residential Treatment.  Our highly trained licensed and accredited staff reviews the client’s assessment and determines the best alternative sentence treatment program. We then provide the court with a written treatment plan that outlines the most appropriate level of care, facility and length of program.


Placement is facilitated immediately relieving our clients and their family members of the stress involved in this very important aspect of treatment. We have spent years building successful relationships with public and private treatment facilities. These relationships allow us to place our clients in alternative sentencing and diversion programs quickly and effectively.


Ensuring that the client actually makes it to treatment is one of the most critical aspects of any successful treatment program. We provide transportation directly to the treatment facility.

Case Management

We conduct monthly follow-ups with our clients and provide the court with regular progress reports as part of our continuum of care. We also offer our clients ongoing individualized Case Management Services, to assist them in making the transition from treatment to establishing a new and healthy lifestyle.