Misdemeanor Sentencing: Alternative Sentencing And Diversion Programs

If you’ve been arrested on an alcohol or drug related charge you’ve probably heard the term alternative sentence thrown around. What does that mean? Drinking and driving is against the law. Driving while high on drugs is against the law. Most drugs in general are illegal so even if you are not using drugs at the time of being pulled over if you are caught with drugs on your person depending on the amount you are going to face some serious charges.

Jails are overcrowded and when someone is busted for a drug or alcohol charge if they do go to jail they don’t tend to stay there very long. While this might seem like a blessing to someone who is busted for a crime it’s really not. If they have a problem with drugs or alcohol then they aren’t going to get the help that they need. They are also going to have an arrest on their record and have to pay a lot of heavy fines. With an alternative sentence they show the court they are serious about making amends for their infraction and they get the help they need for their addiction problem and hopefully don’t end up before a judge again.

Help With Misdemeanor Sentencing From An Alternative Sentencing And Diversion Programs

Whether you’ve been busted for something that requires misdemeanor sentencing or for something that is considered a felony in relation to a drug or alcohol charge you are going to want to consult the help of an alternative sentencing and diversion programs. If you don’t know the laws relating to drug and alcohol arrests, especially in relation to drinking and driving you can be in a lot more trouble than you realize. If your case can be pleaded down or you can do rehab instead of time you want to know that going in.

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