Dui Arrest: When You’re Faced With A Dui Conviction

Dui Arrest: Preparing For A Drunk Driving Defense

Some people don’t know that when they get busted for a dui and are in jail on a dui arrest that they actually need to start planning their drunk driving defense. Just because you blew over the legal limit doesn’t mean you can and shouldn’t try to get the court to work with you on a possible alternative sentence. By alternative sentence that means no jail time and instead of going to jail you either go to an inpatient or outpatient facility to compensate for getting busted for drinking while driving.

Dui’s are expensive there is really no way to get out of paying expensive court costs and fines. The reason is because the higher the fine the less chance that you will be back in court again on this similar charge. Most people don’t just think twice after getting busted for a dui about drinking and driving, they flat out do not do it. The court will work with you but usually if they have someone who can vouch for you and weigh in on your treatment and your progress post sentencing.

Dui Conviction: Where Do You Go From Here?

It’s hard to know at three in the morning after you’ve been pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence and are now behind bars awaiting your appearance before a judge, where you go after a dui conviction. Most people realize they are in a heap of trouble others don’t. There are a lot of fines that come with a dui even when you get an alternative sentence. You are still stuck with a lot penalties. The court is tough on dui’s. They know how dangerous driving under the influence can be and they do not want to see you again. Their hope is you will only want to go through this process once and that you will not make the same mistake of driving under the influence again.

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