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Misdemeanor Sentencing: Alternative Sentencing And Diversion Programs

If you’ve been arrested on an alcohol or drug related charge you’ve probably heard the term alternative sentence thrown around. What does that mean? Drinking and driving is against the law. Driving while high on drugs is against the law. … Continue reading

Alternative Sentence: A Dui Arrest Doesn’t Just Go Away

Alternative Sentence: When It’s Your Second Dui Arrest When it’s your second dui arrest that doesn’t mean an alternative sentence is out of the question. Sometimes people don’t get an alternative sentence for a first time dui arrest. Instead, they … Continue reading

Alternative Sentence: Where To Go From A DUI Arrest

Alternative Sentence: Why You Want To Listen When you get arrested for a drug or alcohol related charge you are going to hear a lot of terminology thrown out at you at once. If you’ve never been arrested before this … Continue reading

Alternative To Incarceration: Possible With A DUI Conviction

Preparing A Good Drunk Driving Defense Can Make All The Difference Even though you’ve been arrested for drunk driving doesn’t mean you still don’t need to prepare a good drunk driving defense before going before a judge. A good defense … Continue reading

Alternative Sentencing: Getting Help With Rehab Placement

You Never Thought You’d Be Dealing With Sentencing Alternative You know that you have crossed the line a few times either with drug use or drinking but you’ve never been caught for driving under the influence so you sort of … Continue reading

Alternative Sentencing: Getting The Best In Rehab Placement

What Does Sentencing Alternative Accomplish If you’ve never been in trouble with the law before period you probably don’t know sentencing alternative options exist but they do. When someone is busted on a drug or alcohol related offense depending on … Continue reading

Misdemeanor Sentencing: What’s An Alternative Sentence About?

Misdemeanor Sentencing: Help Making The Right Choices It’s important when it comes to misdemeanor sentencing that you take it seriously and that you make sure that you are getting the best, sound advice possible. A lot of times people go … Continue reading

Dui Arrest: What’s An Alternative To Incarceration?

If you’ve never had a dui arrest before then you probably never heard the term alternative to incarceration. Being arrested for a dui can have different reactions from different people. Some people because they’ve been driving under the influence for … Continue reading

Dui Arrest: When You’re Faced With A Dui Conviction

Dui Arrest: Preparing For A Drunk Driving Defense Some people don’t know that when they get busted for a dui and are in jail on a dui arrest that they actually need to start planning their drunk driving defense. Just … Continue reading

Dui Arrest: Walking Away From A Dui Conviction

Dui Arrest: One Mistake Can Cost You You may not have ever gotten in trouble with the law before and one night you had a little too much to drink and you got pulled over in your car for a … Continue reading