Alternative Sentencing

If you, your client, or someone you love has criminal charges pending against them, we may be able to provide an alternative to incarceration with an appropriate alternative health treatment.

Alternative Sentencing provides legal options to incarceration.  If the course of treatment adequately addresses the charge, the courts often prefer treatment to serving time.

With Alternative Sentencing, our primary concerns are to provide care for the client and accountability to the courts.  As the leader in this field we’ve handled over 5000 cases, successfully placing our clients in effective drug and alcohol rehab placement programs across the nation.

For over two decades Dan Cronin and his professional staff have developed first hand an extensive network of drug and alcohol treatment facilities across the nation.  Each facility has met our High Standard of Care ProtocolTM thereby insuring the best possible care for our clients. Courts across the nation rely on the reputation and effectiveness of the AIR Alternatives program as a sentencing alternative.

Our commitment to clients extends well beyond the courtroom.  We work directly with clients, provide support services to their families as well as the many treatment facilities’ clinical staff. We have close working relationships with various departments within the legal system assuring that our clients stay in compliance with all court orders and directives. The defendant can then focus on treatment, creating a foundation for recovery and minimizing the possibility of relapse.  By retaining the professional team at AIR Alternatives, the defense attorney can devote their energies on the legal aspects of the case, and the court can be assured the client is being monitored and receiving the most appropriate care.

If you have been charged with a crime, from a DUI arrest to more serious offenses, contact us to see if you are eligible for an alternative sentencing program. We look forward to serving you.