Alternative Sentencing: Getting The Best In Rehab Placement

What Does Sentencing Alternative Accomplish

If you’ve never been in trouble with the law before period you probably don’t know sentencing alternative options exist but they do. When someone is busted on a drug or alcohol related offense depending on the crime they can often fight for alternative sentencing. Sometimes the crime they’ve committed is too great, like they killed someone and there is no way around jail time for that offense. However, if they were pulled over on a dui and this isn’t their third or fourth offense usually a judge will work with the person to try and get them rehab help instead of jail.

While jail might seem to some like a good hard lesson it won’t fix the overall problem which is the addict needs to go to rehab and get real help for a real problem called addiction. Some people do not fully understand that addiction is a disease. It’s not a choice. Therefore, the addict needs to get real help by people that understand addiction. The jails are too overcrowded chances are an addict wouldn’t serve any time in jail. They’d be able to go and drink again right away.

Rehab Placement: Finding The Right Place To Go

Now that the judge has agreed to an alternate sentence the next step is to find the addict rehab placement that is sufficient to the court. Sometimes outpatient rehab will be recommended other times inpatient is the only thing a court will accept. Usually, things like how drunk the addict was when they were driving goes into play, how many times they’ve already been in trouble with the law for drinking or drugs and how deep the addict’s addiction seems to be. If this was a one off then outpatient rehab might be sufficient. However, if it’s clear the addict has a problem inpatient will probably be pushed.

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