Alternative Sentence: Where To Go From A DUI Arrest

Alternative Sentence: Why You Want To Listen

When you get arrested for a drug or alcohol related charge you are going to hear a lot of terminology thrown out at you at once. If you’ve never been arrested before this all can seem really daunting and scary. An alternative sentence gives you the option to either seek treatment instead of jail or seek treatment before going to jail. It really all depends on how serious the crime is that you are being accused of at the time.

Dui Arrest: Embarrassed, Ashamed, Now What?

It’s normal after a dui arrest to feel embarrassed, ashamed, scared. Sometimes people don’t realize that they’ve had too much to drink and get pulled over for drinking and driving. If you aren’t driving drunk but have had some drinks sometimes you get pulled over because you didn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign or your lights weren’t on all the way or you have a taillight that’s out. Then the cop doesn’t a test on you and you blow right at or ever the legal limit. It happens to a lot of people and now you are getting arrest. A lot of times, depending on what you blew this charge can be pleaded down to a misdemeanor and you can go to outpatient rehab and pay fines.

Alternative To Incarceration: When You Fear Jail Because Of Your Disease

If you have a serious drug or alcohol problem and you know that you’ve needed help for a long time but haven’t sought it and now you are in trouble with the law it makes sense that you’d fear jail as your only option at detox. Jail is a terrible place to go through the DTs. Working with an alternative sentencing company that specializes in getting addicts the help they need through alternative to incarceration option but still coming up with a sentence that’s fair to the court can sometimes mean the difference between spending your sentence in rehab verses jail.

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