Alternative Sentence: A Dui Arrest Doesn’t Just Go Away

Alternative Sentence: When It’s Your Second Dui Arrest

When it’s your second dui arrest that doesn’t mean an alternative sentence is out of the question. Sometimes people don’t get an alternative sentence for a first time dui arrest. Instead, they decide to go to jail knowing they’ll be out of jail in twenty-four hours and have to pay a lot of ridiculous fines and have their license suspended except to go work.

When they are popped for a second dui arrest things get more serious. An alternative sentencing program can recommend that the first time the driver didn’t get the treatment that they desperately needed and that as a result they continued to drink and get behind the wheel of a car. Instead of going to jail for a night they need to go to rehab for thirty days. Rehab is not viewed as getting out Scott-free usually there are penalties and other things like community service that come with an alternative sentence it just means that you get treated for a disease so that you aren’t in front of the judge again. People die and are seriously injured by drunk drivers not weekly, daily and this is why the court works to get an addict help so that they do not kill anyone the next time they get behind the wheel of a car.

Alternative To Incarceration: Sometimes Jail Is Unavoidable

Sometimes an alternative to incarceration is unavoidable. Sometimes and addict whether it’s an alcoholic or a drug user crosses the line one too many times and a judge cannot allow that person to get a pass to rehab and instead has to send them to jail. They’ve been given every opportunity in the book and they are still blowing it. The thing you want to avoid is getting to this place without ever having the option of alternative incarceration. If you get the right help the first time sometimes you don’t need help the second time.

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