Criminal defense attorneys work hard for their clients. In cases where dismissals or ‘not guilty’ verdicts aren’t options, Alternative Sentencing may be the best viable legal option in lieu of incarceration. As long as the alternative program fits the charge and the client meets the criteria, courts will often sentence the client to Substance Abuse Treatment as an alternative to incarceration.

Since 1989 AIR Alternatives has been the leader in Alternative Sentencing and diversion programs. Recognized as an Expert Witness to the court system we work with attorneys, families and the courts, specializing in getting clients the help they need. When the professional team at AIR works on the case, the defense attorney can freely focus on the legal aspects of the case and the court knows that the client is fully monitored in addition to receiving the most appropriate rehab placement.

Our Services


The first step in our comprehensive treatment plan is a Confidential Standardized Clinical Assessment Tool. read more


Placement is facilitated immediately relieving our clients and their family members of the stress involved in this very important aspect of treatment. read more


Ensuring that the client actually makes it to treatment is one of the most critical aspects of any successful treatment program. read more

Case Management

We offer our clients ongoing individualized Case Management Services, to assist them in making the transition from treatment to establishing a new and healthy lifestyle. read more